Our First Day In Maine


Today my dad and I went to Freeport, Maine with my grandparents. I have no idea how I survived a seven hour car ride. When we were about one hour away from the hotel, we shopped a little. Of course I had to buy candy. We then drove to the hotel and bought our room. Except, I think the room is to small. We also went to the outlets and bought a few things. I got a lovely turquoise vest. (It matched my glasses.) We only went to a few stores, then it got way to cold for all of us. We went to Patagonia, thats where I got the vest. We also went to The North Face, and L.L. Bean. We didn’t see the Big Boot today, but maybe tomorrow. Don’t worry, Ill show you a picture tomorrow of the Big Boot. I also brought my American Girl Doll, Summer. She also had an amazing time. But, I have a question for you, have you ever been to Freeport, Maine. If so, did you see the Big Boot?

Have a lovely day, because I know I will!